Monday, November 16, 2020

Saving the Daylights Out Of Me

Every year it's the same thing. March and November, we manipulate the clocks in the vain quest of extra time, extra hours of sunlight that we can use productively. In the early days of Daylight Saving Time, it was supposed to be for the farmers. After the 1970s energy crisis, it was supposed to save energy.

But here's news: the farmers hate Daylight Saving Time, and always have. And it doesn't save any energy. It makes everyone (including the farmers' animals) out of sorts for up to a week after each shift. And, of course, it doesn't actually save anything at all; it's just an illusion.

A harmless illusion? No, not really. During the transition period, traffic accident rates are higher, along with industrial accidents. Even suicide and heart attack rates seem to be higher.

There are a lot of benefits touted for Daylight Saving Time, but upon further study, all of them prove to be spurious.

I think it's time we were saved from Daylight Saving Time.