Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Circus Of the Pols

I've often thought the presidential campaigns were more theater than politics, and more politics than policy, but this election cycle has me scratching my head more than any other I've experienced in forty years as an eligible voter.

And it's not just Donald Trump. Although I guess it's mostly Donald Trump. Anyone who can poll so high while just letting his mouth spout whatever pops into his mind has got to be there just for entertainment value.

It's so bad that I find myself waiting to see what the next plot twist is going to be, when the host of this cheap reality show is going to sit across from Donald Trump (and Ben Carson and Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz—not sure about Marco Rubio yet) and says "You're fired!"

I can't help but feeling that, sometime after the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire "first in the nation" primary, that some new Republican candidate is going to be introduced, the one that the party really wants nominated, and that the other candidates are just window dressing to make this guy or gal look good.

It's simpler on the Democratic side, of course, because the two main candidates are not even running against each other. They haven't even decided which of them is going to challenge the Republicans, and they are both already running against the Republicans. That and trying to get everyone to ignore Martin O'Malley and make sure Larry Lessig is never heard from again.

I wonder what they are going to do for an encore when the general election campaign rolls around.

I know one thing: by the time the general election does come around, there is only a small chance that there will be any candidate on the ballot that I can really get behind and vote for.

So I'd better brush up my handwriting, because I think I'm going to be doing a write-in vote, even if I have no idea whose name I'll be writing.