Monday, September 5, 2011

Monetary Gain

Recently I was offered the opportunity to monetize my YouTube account by carrying ads on my videos. I have nothing against that. I'm supplying Google with eyes, I might as well get a little of the ad revenue in return.

I got this offer because one of my videos passed a magic milestone: it received over 1,000 views. That isn't a lot. Some of my favorite YouTube accounts bring in hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of views.

Still, if YouTube thinks that a thousand is a good place to start, who am I to argue? That's an opportunity I haven't gotten from any of my blogs. Even the two that I carry ads on haven't gotten enough hits to earn me a single penny.

There's only one problem. The videos in question are not my professional videos. They are my family videos. The one that's gotten the big number is of my kids and me riding the Twirling Turtles at Storyland (for some reason, amusement park rides pull in a fair number of viewers). That's not something I want to make money on.

So the trick is that I have to find a way to make my other videos attract enough viewers that I can get a little cash out of it without the guilt.

Maybe I should grab my camcorder and head out to the local amusement park.

It's worth a shot.

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