Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, I've finally made it to the 21st century, even if I have arrived a bit late. I am blogging (and, I feel compelled to point out, using the word blogging as a verb) from my cellular telephone.

Having passed the half-century mark a while ago now, I sort of grew up with the personal computer; the microprocessor was invented when I was 16. My first business computer had 64K of RAM (that's 64 thousand characters, folks), two 384K disk drives (no hard drive), and no video output or keyboard; the input and output were accomplished using something called a terminal, which hardly anyone remembers anymore.

And here I as am holding unimaginably more computing power on the palm of my hand. The tiny MicroSD card in my phone stores 40,000 times as much information as the five-inch floppy diskette from my first computer, 500 times as much as the washing-machine-sized hard disk drives I used professionally at the time.

And this tiny little computer will perform functions I would never have dreamed of thirty years ago.Online banking. A bar code scanner.Global positioning. Streaming movies. A high-definition camcorder!

And it also makes phone calls.What'll they think of next?