Friday, July 15, 2011


My wife was driving our family back from an outing today along Route 16 in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire. Somewhere along the trip, we heard a little clunk on the roof of the car. We looked at each other. Acorn? Twig. Then we heard another clunk, and then nothing. My wife stopped the car. I got out and looked. Nothing on top of the car.

Had we left something on the car which had just fallen? We couldn't imagine what. Until my wife realized that she didn't have her cell phone.

Now, this didn't panic us completely. We are on the verge of replacing the older LG Chocolate with some kind of smart phone, and the old LG, while still functioning, was beginning to show its age with scuffs on the shell and a pitted and scratched screen.

But it did have some pictures on it, and I knew that, even if the phone was trahsed, there was a good chance that the MicroSD card inside the phone was just fine.

So we went back and looked. And we found the phone. Flipped open, laying face up at the side of the road. It looked pretty much as it had before it fell off the roof of a moving car. I turned it on. It worked. I still can't quite believe it.

Now, I don't recommend as a rule leaving your cell phone on top of your car and driving away. But I must say that, although I have often marveled at the course of technology that give us a pocket-sized phone that also takes pictures and video and can even serve as a portable music player, I never thought that such a small miracle would be built like a tank.