Saturday, March 5, 2011

Editing My Life

I have decided to give my life a good editing. Taking out the stuff that doesn't contribute. Adding the details that matter. Rearranging things so that they make more sense. Giving the story a lot more substance and a lot less fluff.

Out with the old 35mm film cameras that I love, but will never again use. In with a nice used camcorder that can be adapted to my style of filmmaking. Out with lots of old furniture that gathers more junk and takes up more space in my new, more compact house. In with more time traveling with my wife and children.

Out with random 'Net surfing. In with directing theater, making music, and making movies.

What are the essential elements of a good life? "The Good Life" usually speaks of a life with lots of money and really big toys. That's not my good life. I had something like that a decade or so ago, and it had its moments, but it still wasn't where I wanted to be.

I don't need a fancy car, though I'd like to own one that I don't have to worry about being stranded on the Turnpike with. I don't need a big house; in fact, my wife is in the process of designing a much smaller house for us to live in when the kids are grown and get kicked out of the house...I mean, when they leave to get on with their lives. That alone has forced me to think about the physical size of everything I own, from computers to stereo equipment.

But then, realizing that the day when the youngest graduates high school is only a decade away, and that I'll be around retirement age by then, has forced me to think about how much space things take up in my schedule. And though a lot of unnecessary junk is using up room in my house, that problem pales in comparison with the unnecessary junk that's using up time in my life.

And so it's definitely time to take out the red pen. Hmm, haven't updated that blog in almost a year. Slash! Video games? Big old "X" on that one. Already eliminated most TV....

Now if I could just find a way to cross out shoveling snow.