Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Our power was out for a total of over four hours today, with a one-hour outage just before the kids got home from school, and a four-hour outage just before Thomas was going to start frying up some chicken. We ended up having Chinese food for dinner, and the power came back on just as we managed to get the boys to bed, an hour late.

As it really frosted me. Yes, okay, it was raining and windy, and so a couple of dead trees fell down and the line and knocked us out. Nothing the power company can do, right? Well, I'm not so sure. If you read our family blog or keep up on our YouTube page, you might remember something that happened over a year ago, when a tree fell and split the line right in front of our house, while it was still under construction. At that time there was another tree leaning against one of the power poles. Did they take that tree down, too?

Yes they did—in August of this year when it caught on fire. Our local power company is not too swift when it comes to keeping trees off the line. In addition, the power lines in our neck of the woods are not insulated (as they are in the neighboring town). That means if a wet branch lays across the neutral and either or both of the hots, even if it doesn't break the line, it will cause a short circuit and shut the power down, maybe taking a transformer with it.

It seems for what we pay, which is among the higher rates in the country, that we might expect to get a little more infrastructure to go with it. Not a lot. Just some insulation as lines are replaced.

And the cutting down of a slew of dead trees.

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