Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making Music On the Fly

Peavey is a company know for making guiatar amplifiers, although a peek at their Web site shows that they make a lot of other things, including instruments and microphones. But what caught my eye in a recent issue of Pro Audio Review is a cute little white box that also comes from Peavey.

Let me set the scene: you're walking down the street with nothing in your hands except your guitar and maybe a small bag with a few picks, a few cables, a pair of headphones, and your cell phone, when suddenly an inspiration strikes you and you really want to record a hot lick. You don't have your amp, and you're not in the studio. What do you do?

You pull out the little white  box and your cell phone, which happens to be an iPhone. You connect box to iPhone, your axe to the box, some headphones to the box, and start playing. The white box is the AmpKit LINK ($39.99), and the app to record it is AppKit (free) or AppKit+ ($19.99).

I have not tried these, having no iPhone at present, but I am still fascinated by what can now be found in very small packages. AmpKit is both a recording system and an amp modeler, with effects, in something that's about as wide as the iPhone and not as long, and maybe three times as thick. Amazing!

And it's not just small and portable and versatile. It's cheap! The tools for making cool music, like the tools for making video and recording audio and publishing books, are becoming more available, more sophisticated, and less expensive with each passing year.

It's a great time to be an independent artist. About all you really need to suppy are the effort and the talent.

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