Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Audiobook Withdrawal

I wrote in another entry about the way I devour audiobooks. Unfortunately, that has come to a screeching halt for two reasons. The first is that the nature of my job has changed in a way that requires more of my attention. Not so much that I can't listen to, say, music, but enough that I can't do my job properly and concentrate on spoken words at the same time.

The other is that I changed my car. My Chevy Astro finally gave up and got replaced by a 1998 Subaru Legacy. Which has a radio. And a cassette player. And no CD player. I don't know if the cassette player can be trusted, and besides the supply of audiobooks available at the library on tape has dwindled to nearly nothing. So I'm on an audiobook crash diet at the moment.

When I get a little money, and figure out how to replace the stereo myself so that I can avoid installation charges, I will replace the stereo with an inexpensive radio I've found that still has no CD player, but does have an input for my iPod and, to my great surprise, slots for both a thumb drive and an SDHC card. I love the idea of putting an audiobook on a thumb drive and just plugging it in for my commute.

I also love the idea of installing such an interesting bit of technology into a car that was built before the technology existed. There is something satisfying about the idea of cruising down the highway in a car that's older than two of my three children listening to a good book contained on a memory card that wasn't available until after they were born.

It's a lovely juxtaposition. I'll let you know how it turns out.